About - Zenful Pottery

Zenful Pottery, Perfectly Imperfect

After years working in tech, I found myself feeling more and more detached from the physical world every day. The digital world has its wonders, but it's very cold and harsh in all its ones and zeros. I craved to interact with my surroundings in a physical way, and being an artistic soul, pottery was the perfect escape. The physical component of the clay, the usefulness of the finished piece, pottery was my way to feel whole again, and I aim to help others find that feeling too.
Clay transformed my life, and through my work I hope to help transform others. I'm inspired by simplicity and functionality, creating pottery that is practical and useful. The perfect pottery is so easy to use you forget it's handmade; you feel the bumps, notice the little ridges, but it's so effortless in its use that the imperfections makes it better. Flaws make it real, gives you a physical connection to the hands that made it, and that's a powerful thing.

I've always been drawn to Eastern aesthetics, especially how it celebrates beauty in the everyday. Called wabi-sabi, it's the belief that things are perfect in their imperfection, appreciating things for what they are and not what we want them to be. It's not manufactured, it's made, and that makes it truly beautiful.

I started Zenful Pottery to give you a piece of that perfect imperfection. I hope my work brings you joy and makes your day a little bit better.